The Importance of H20!

By Chefadoo’s Jen Hankin

drink more waterWe all know how important it is to drink lots of water. It’s makes up about 60% of your body and helps with our digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. It sounds so simple, like a recipe, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. But H20 is vital for life.

As the holidays come creeping along, it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. I try to eat healthy, cook every night and make it to the gym at least 3 days a week. But a few days ago I just felt off, getting daily headaches.

I took a step back and asked myself, am I drinking enough water? The short answer was no. Yesterday I started counting my daily water intake, and I was shorting myself, by several glasses!

Did You Know: You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces!

more waterI decided to make a daily chart at work, to help track my glasses. And it’s fun, colorful and helps me stay on track. Plus it’s already helping! Headaches gone and I’m feeling more energized. Are you drinking enough water?

when to drink water

Why A White Coat?

Uncommon Threads 404 Unisex Newport Chef CoatBy Chefadoo’s Jen Hankin

Chefadoo has a great variety of everything you need to complete your chef uniform… from pants, coats, hats and more in a wide range of colors too! But nothing really “ices the cake” like a chef’s white jacket! It is one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing in the world.

The white jacket is one of the most common items of a chef’s uniform. It’s double breasted, perfect for reversing if the front gets stained or if the chef ventures out of the kitchen and enters the main dining room. Made almost always of cotton, the white jacket helps the chef’s body breathes and stay insulated from the heat!

if-you-cant-stand-the-heatWhy white?

White is the most reflective color, so a white jacket literally repels heat instead of absorbing it, keeping you that much cooler than if you were wearing a darker color — and in a hot kitchen every degree makes a difference.

Plus, when it’s laundry time, white cotton can be bleached, so no matter how badly stained a jacket gets, bright white is just a wash away.

Uncommon Threads 490 Women's Sedona Chef CoatWhether you’re a master chef in a ritzy restaurant or a novice working out of your home, nothing says you’re an official chef like your own white jacket! We’ve got lots of great white jacket options at Chefadoo! Go head, browse our collection.