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Chefadoo.com: A souped-up shopping experience!

We are a 100% American-owned company, founded in Charlottesville, VA and currently operating out of Minneapolis, MN. The founders of Chefadoo first imagined a company tailored to the needs of the hard-working professionals of the food industry. Our policies and practices are designed to prevent the experience of shopping for professional gear from feeling like a job in itself!

chefs in the grass wearing chef hats and aprons

Core Values

passion & dedication:You are passionate and dedicated to your profession, your restaurant, and your job. The only way we can successfully serve you is to mimic this drive in everything we do.

reliability: Many companies promise many things. We promise AND deliver. We are driven to make sure your shopping experience is a success!

honesty: An honest relationship is a successful relationship. We are dedicated to openness, tranparency and communication to ensure that you are informed and secure at all times.

receptivity: We listen to you and your opinions. Chefadoo depends on feedback from our clients and employees, as well as family and friends. By incorporating the new ideas and thoughts of the people around us, we can constantly improve your shopping experience.

pride: Everyone at Chefadoo is proud of our company, our staff and our products. We make sure that our policies and practices are something we want to brag about (and that you want to share with your friends!).

fun:Shopping should be fun- even if it’s for work! Here at Chefadoo, we try to add a little fun into everything we do- from our company name to the pictures on our site to the atmosphere in our office!

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