Go Go Kitchen Gadget: Indoor S’more Maker

By Chefadoo’s Eva Dixon

As the winter starts to roll in and warm evenings outdoors disappear, the only way to hold onto a night around a campfire is with an indoor s’more maker!  For the record, I have never used this version.  I did try one called “the scented candle” which really didn’t work well.  My marshmellows came out tasting slightly like lilacs and lilies.  However, this model from hammacher.com seems to be far superior to my method.

I particularly like the cubby holes for all of the ingredients.  This way you can only consume a certain number of s’mores before you run out of all the makings, keeping the calorie count down to an “extremely fattening” level and away from “astronomically damaging to your health”.    Plus, there are enough spots for the marshmellows, graham crackers, chocolate AND peanut butter cups.  If you haven’t tried s’mores with peanut butter cups you are missing out and should try it next time.  You’ll never go back to plain chocolate!

I also appreciate the flameless characteristic.  You don’t have to worry so much about kids and pets.  No matter how old the child or how big the dog they always seem to be flame-height when near a campfire!  Of course, when you tip over in a food coma it will also keep you from lighting the curtains on fire- always a plus.