On the Grill

After a particularly long and ferocious Minnesota winter — with a full-blown snowstorm in the beginning of May – yes you read that correctly, MAY — I cautiously assert warm weather and summer fun are finally here! During the summer months, the art of cooking changes shape. No longer confined to our kitchen stoves, we cook on the grill for an added smoky flavor, throw outdoor family barbeques and begin to boil/deep-fry everything in beer (beer brats, beer-battered fish, beer-can chicken— ‘MERICA!). In preparation for Memorial Day this weekend, here is a quick and easy recipe you can make straight on the grill that feeds tons and tastes amazing. I have my family to thank for this recipe; we made it last weekend up north at our cabin and it was a huge success.

First, fashion 2 tin-foil boats that you can stuff full of food. One boat will have the catch of the day fish you caught or bought and the other will have the vegetables. Our fish boat had Perch, Bluegill, Bass and Northern. Add butter, season salt, garlic and pepper. Our vegetable boat had cut up potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, minced garlic, chives, parsley and of course – more butter. We sprinkled salt, pepper, and chipotle pepper seasoning to give it a kick. Place the boats on the grill and cover them with an additional piece of tin foil to speed up the process.  This recipe is simple and the ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store. The reason why this recipe is such a crowd-pleaser is because all the ingredients are so fresh!

And don’t forget to make some delicious s’mores for dessert!

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