Measurements Cheat Sheet

By Chefadoo‘s Jen Hankin

I know many master chefs have that magic touch when it comes to measurements. You simply cook by smell and taste. I am not one of those cooks. And I’m sure many of the more novice chef’s out there can agree with me. We need to follow a recipe, down to the last pinch!

While cooking I often struggle on how to convert measurements from pints to ounces, from teaspoons to cups, etc. Especially since I do most of my cooking after a long stressful day, rushing as my stomach grumbles with hunger.

Trying to convert measurements in my head NEVER works! That’s why when I stumbled upon this measurement cheat sheet, I literally jumped for joy!

measurement cheat sheet

This is a great resource to keep in the kitchen, even for the experienced chefs! You never know when you might need to convert measurements or a valuable resource while doubling or cutting recipes in half. I love the fun graphics and easy to print nature of this cheat sheet! Huge thanks to One Good Thing By Jillee for sharing.